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Acoustic Improvement

Improvement or makeover interventions for the acoustics of string instruments

Miglioramento acustico


Power increase, with an enrichment of the harmonics in terms of emission, and consequent improvement of the quality of the sound up to 35% depending on the treated instrument.



Mechanical-physical surveys for the study of the architecture and of the construction materials with closed instrument.

  1. Mapping of the thicknesses of the top plate, back and ribs;
  2. Bass bar 3D survey;
  3. General inspection of the internal instrument;
  4. Simulation of strings loading on the bridge;
  5. Measurement of the yielding of the belly and of the whole instrument’s structure under load;
  6. Load and release step by step time-based measurements (hysteresis)


Study of acoustics:

Analysis of the efficiency parameters of the belly

  1. Survey, by means of the combined use of the transducer and the detector of multiple frequency vibrations, of the vibrational response of the belly in order to map its efficiency;
  2. Mapping of the efficiency on the bridge and on the belly;
  3. Ad hoc choice and project of the kind of the improvement intervention;

It will be paid particular attention, on ancient instruments of authorship and on highly valuable instruments, to respect the international standards of restoration and not modify the constructive features of the author (thicknesses, etc.).


Examples of ameliorative functional restoration:

  1. Modification of the load of the belly, by improving the fingerboard and the neck;
  2. Modification of the features of the bridge, with the building of an ad hoc bridge;
  3. Building of a modified soundpost, to improve the combination of the planks;
  4. Modification of the blocks (upper, corner and lower);;
  5. Ad hoc remaking of the bass bar with adequate outline and sections, with adequate features of outline, section, mass and tension, counterbalanced and prestressed with carbon threads if necessary;
  6. Rebalancing and compensation of the vibrations of the belly;
  7. Non-invasive elimination of the effect known as “wolf tone”. 

The laboratory of structural analysis

Elasticity of wood and structures

Miglioramento acustico