The Academy

In the historical heart of Torino, near the Monument of the San Filippo and opposite the central Egyptian Museum, the first Piedmontese Centre of Luthiers was created, founded by the Master Violin Maker Enzo Cena in collaboration with the Filippini priests.

The Association was born thanks to the Master Violin Maker’s courageous initiative to create a highly qualified centre of professional education for both the manufacture of bowed string instruments and for the pursual of historical-scientific research, with the aim of continuing traditional practice within the panorama of Piedmont.

The accomplishment of this project was also made possible thanks to the continuous cultural and aggregational mission of the Filippini Congregation, which for several years has been promoting cultural and musical events as well as a School of Music. 

The Piedmontese Centre of Luthiers engages in a relationship of mediation and subsidisation between institutions that are distinct from each other and the area.

The bond with music, the desire to pass on a passion that permeates the roots of the Piedmontese school’s tradition, characterized by the executive rigour of over-alps violin making, combined with the creativity of Italian workmanship, and the knowledge that art must belong to all, constitute the beliefs which drive the Association to work undeterred so that all this can be achieved.

The Piedmontese Centre of Luthiers’ Association owns a workshop on the floor above the Sala Valfrè that covers a surface area of 200 sq m spread over two floors.

How is the Centre of Luthiers different?

The creation of an instrument consists of a succession of steps in which experience, skill, taste, the quality of materials and the artistry of design converge to give life to an object that is unique. Slight or even fundamental variations in the wood, from the season in which it is cut, hollowed and glued, to the varnish, give the instrument its unique voice.